Sunday, June 9, 2013

On Demand Programming

To me, it seems like that the OnDemand service that is on Comcast/Xfinity is very weak in my book. I mean for as much money as you pay for the service, I'm just underwhelmed. Even if you have HBO, Encore, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Classics on Demand etc. the programming isnt all that great. If you dont follow the current crop of shows on the major networks, like myself, OnDemand is somewhat of a wasteland for me. But I decided to make some changes to the OnDemand service and want to know what you guys think. Ok, here we go.

WWE Classics on Demand

                    1. Not to sound like a shill but I think WWE Classics on Demand is the best channel thats offered. I think there programming is better than NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV etc. WWE shows the best in classic programming like Monday Night Raw, Monday Nitro, WCW Worldwide, older PPVs as well as the current ones. For a 8 dollars a month, well worth the price if you like wrestling like I do. Maybe the only thing I would change is that I would offer a little more free stuff that you dont have to pay for.  I would offer more programming that you have to pay for and some free programming.

What you'd pay for:

Legends, TV Classics, Hall of Fame, The Big Ones and Shorties
NWA WorldWide Wrestling  x 4 shows a month
Wrestling Challenge x 4 shows a month
World Champ.Wrestling x 4 shows a month
Mid South Wrestling x 4 shows a month
ECW x 4 shows a month
WWF Mania x 4 shows a month
Monday Night War x4 shows a month
Primetime Wrestling x 4 shows a month
WCW Thunder x 4 shows a month
WCW Saturday Night x 4 shows a month
WWF All Star Wrestling x 4 shows a month

I'd also have examples of old PPVs as well. Starrcade 86, The Big Event, Backlash, Great American Bash, Hostile City Showdown 1994, Saturday Night's Main Event.

What would be totally free

Worldwide Wrestling, Wrestling Challenge, Monday Night War, Primetime Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling. 2 shows for the whole month. Also, Starrcade 1986.

2.  One thing that I've complained about is the lack of classic tv. Now we do have Antenna TV and ME-TV but we do complain about those channels as well as they dont hit home runs all the time. Here's what I would do. I'd bring back Tube Time. Tube Time was a free service with free classic tv shows that was available on Xfinity/Comcast.  Here's the lineup that I would present:

What would be free

All in the Family, Who's the Boss, I Love Lucy, Beverly Hills 90210, Gilmore Girls, Facts of Life, One Day at a Time, ALF, Newhart, Growing Pains, Taxi, Leave it to Beaver. 6 shows each for the whole month.

3. One of the channels that I'm disappointed in is NFL Network. I think what they show on there Network is subpar but they have available OnDemand isnt that great. They really need to upgrade there programming. I mean for what you pay to have NFL Network and what they show isnt good. Here's what I would do:

What you'd have to pay for on NFL Network OnDemand

NFL Films, Hall of Fame, Super Bowl Highlights, Actual Games, America's Game, NFL Top  10, Super Bowls(Actual Games), Game of the Week, Classic NFL Drafts.

What would be free

NFL Films, Super Bowl Highlights, NFL Top 10

4. MLB Network would be another channel. I mean you should have programing OnDemand DURING the MLB Season. I think that would be common sense. I think MLB Network would have a lot to offer if they had an OnDemand channel

What you'd have to pay for on MLB Network OnDemand

Prime 9
MLB Network Countdown
Classic Games
Triumph and Tragedy
This Week in Baseball
20 Greatest Games

What would be free

This Week in Baseball
MLB Network Countdown
20 Greatest Games

So do you guys have any other suggestions? What would you change about your OnDemand service or do you like it the way it is?

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Anonymous said...

I would never pay for sports, period! On Demand is great for playing catch up on TV shows you've missed during the week, but when I get bored with TV or On Demand, I head over to Netflix!