Sunday, April 8, 2018

WrestleMania 34 Predictions

I figured for a change I'd actually blog about something that makes me happy and not so depressed. Well, if your a Wrestling fan like I am, today is a HUGE DAY as it's WrestleMania. The biggest wrestling event of the year. So, I thought if anybody is interested I will give you my predictions for WrestleMania.
Let's start with the top matches and work our way down.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. I don't know for sure if Lesnar is leaving or not for UFC but it seems like Reigns has been the anointed one for forever. I don't even think that some of the WrestleMania crowd will turn on Lesnar. I think Reigns wins The Championship and WrestleMania goes off the air with the crowd booing for the 3rd year in a row.

Triple H/Stephanie McMahon vs. Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey. I think this could be a good match as I think HHH/Angle will do the heavy lifting. Rousey has been up and down for me as sometimes she's serious and other times she can't smile enough,(see,The Royal Rumble). I do think Angle and Rousey win but I think HHH/McMahon lay out Angle and Rousey maybe setting up a match at Summerslam. I can't see them losing and then what do you do with Rousey in the meantime considering Stephanie is The Commissioner?

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. This could be a lot of fun. From what I say, the buildup to this really didn't really blow me over. I think AJ is going to win because I don't think WWE is fully behind Nakamura. He won The Royal Rumble but something has been off since he got to Smackdown. Hasn't helped that his feud Ziggler and Mahal was lousy.

Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. It seems WWE finally got the match they wanted. I would think and hope this is the blowoff feud. I've been some that think Shane or Bryan will turn heel. I hope not. Shane is too popular plus I see that on Raw with Stephanie. WWE turning Bryan would make no sense. He is one of the most popular superstars in years. I want to say Shane and Daniel win, Daniel has another feel good moment in The Superdome but something tells me Kevin and Sami might win. What if Shane is taken out and it's 2 on 1? Why not, I'll go with Bryan and Shane to win.

John Cena vs. The UnderTaker. Obviously The UnderTaker will be there as they've been promoting it. I think Cena has acted like a big baby in this angle. He didn't what he wanted so he challenges The UnderTaker.  He did it for himself and not the fans. How many times did he say I don't mind going to WrestleMania as a fan yet he still challenged The UnderTaker. I think Kid Rock plays American Badass and The UnderTaker comes out they have physical, short match, think Goldberg/Lesnar last year and The UnderTaker wins.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair. This, again, could be a show stealer. I don't think they end the streak. Why would they. Say if Charlotte ends The Streak how can Asuka get her revenge if there on different shows? Maybe have Asuka win and have Charlotte start a heel turn on Smackdown, frustrated she couldn't end the streak.Charlotte, and I agree with what I've read, that she's been spinning her wheels on Smackdown so a heel turn could be good. Now, Asuka being a champion with Alexa Bliss. Maybe Alexa AND Nia move in The Superstar Shakeup.

Braun Strowman and a Mystery Partner vs. The Bar. We don't know who The Mystery Partner is but it's been rumored to be a bunch of different guys. Me, I'm going with Samoa Joe.  Maybe Joe gets his team DQ'd and we have Strowman vs. Joe after WrestleMania which would be pretty cool. Yeah, I'll go with that. The Bar wins by DQ.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The New Day vs. The Usos. I think this should be a good match but I don't think The New Day need The Tag Title. I also think they've been pushing The Bludgeon Brothers hard so I think they win The Tag Team Championship.

The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins. This could be another sleeper. I don't by Miz's babyface comments. I think he's going to do something sneaky and win the match. I do think Balor and Rollins fight toe to toe and Miz sneaks in with the victory. Maybe Balor moves to Smackdown? I do think Miz wins, breaks The IC Title record and then finally have the dream match between him and Daniel Bryan.

Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev vs. Randy Orton. I agree with some people that Mahal has cooled off. I do think that if he wins, it will let the air out of the crowd. For the record, I like Jinder but he's been pushed badly. Roode seems off on Smackdown as well. That leaves Rusev and Orton.  I think Rusev gets one of the biggest pops of the night and I would be stunned if he doesn't win. Rusev wins and why's Rusev Day.

Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss. I like the build to this but I don't think Nia wins the title. I expect Mickie James to get involved giving Alexa the advantage because I can see a lot of stalling by Bliss not wanting to face Jax. Like I mentioned, I don't think Nia wins The Championship as I can see Bliss knowing that she might lose The Title, runs and gets counted out.  Nia Jax wins by Countout..

The Andre The Giant Battle Royal on The Kickoff Show. I expect a few surprises plus an Elias song. Maybe one of the surprises win but I'll go with Bray Wyatt and he forms some type of Alliance with Matt Hardy

The Women's Battle Royal on The Kickoff Show. See above regarding The Men. I do think that Bayley eliminates Sasha Banks to win it and Sasha finally turns.

Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali on The Kickoff Show. Both guys have great offense. I honestly don't know. I do think Cedric is a name more fans are familiar with. I'll go with Cedric to win The Cruiserweight Championship after a good, hard fought match.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Why I feel I'm not attractive

As you guys know, I've had it rough. You guys remember me blogging about this: Don't forget about this one don't forget about this one you haven't read all of them, when you get chance, take a look. And also click on the ads. I get .00001 cents when you do, can you say score??!!)

Well, anyway, this is more of a personal one. As you may or may not know, I haven't had many girlfriends. As a matter of fact, I've never had one. I've never been on a date, with the exception of The Junior Prom, but that was as friends, I've never kissed a woman. I haven't even been close. The funny thing, I get along great with women. I can be funny and talk to them but when it comes to romance, they've done wayyy better than me and who can blame them. The thing of all this is that I don't think I've ever had a woman have a crush on me. I'm trying to remember over the years but I don't think so. I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I know I'm not attractive or A Greek God but I thought by now I wouldn't have steady girlfriend but at least date one. Even though, they don't know, I don't plan getting married or having kids. When I think what I've gone through already, I just can't do it anymore. I can't give up anymore of my life.

I just never thought as myself as attractive. I remember a few times growing up in School and someone would say "so and so likes you." I never fell for that for a minute. I knew damn well it was a joke. You look at what I can give a woman and there's really nothing. I'm unemployed at the moment. I have no Driver's License. I have a Mental Illness. I can't do a lot things guys can do. I don't even know how to swim. I just feel like I'm a loser. And I wouldn't want anybody's pity or anything nor would I want to be a 3rd or a 5th wheel.  With everything else going on in my life, this is just one more thing.

Honestly, I wouldn't know where to begin. A Dating Site? I don't know. Are they free? I know this is kind of depressing but I have no confidence in myself. I know that women would rather be with somebody else. I'd be lying if I said I didn't mind my alone time because I think everybody needs some alone time once in a while. It's just I have nothing to offer a woman. I have nothing in common with them. But then you might say "Well, what about on Facebook etc." That's true but I've known you women for years.

It would be nice, though, to kiss someone at Midnight on New Year's Eve or spend Valentine's Day with somebody or kiss somebody under The Mistletoe at Christmas. I just don't know how to go about things. I've always felt I was kind of ugly. You can probably understand that sometimes I need a rocket up my ass to get going. Do you blame me? There are days, weeks when I wake up in the morning and know it won't get better until I go back to bed at night. I just don't know what to do next. It HAS to get better, right? Right?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This might be the Hardest Post I've ever Posted

Sometimes things happen for a reason. That certainly happened to me just moments ago. As you know, I applied for SAGA Assistance recently. I mentioned it on Facebook. But, what I didn't know is that it was for people with Medical/Mental Issues. Well, the truth is that I have a Mental Illness. I have OCD, voices  and Hallucinations. I guess it started with me back in the year 2000. I was just starting College and I read The Southern CT. State University Handbook. When I read it, it triggered something in me. I don't know what but from then on I would reread things over and over again and just do simple tasks over and over again. Basically, it would be like if your driving to work and you picture that you left the stove or the iron on. So what do you do? You go all the way back home and see that the stove and the iron wasn't on. But, but, in your mind, in your head, you could literally see the stove and iron on but it wasn't. And that's me, 24/7, 365. I would get all these bad images and pictures in my mind and all these bad thoughts it was very hard. But I just kept going along day by day. I really don't want to get into all the different things and whatnot. Plus, I really can't remember of all them. An example would be that if I saw an American Flag, I'd have to look at it walking by because in my mind, if I didn't, I would be disrespecting America.

Another thing would be I would reread things over and over again. If it was an article about Cancer or somebody died, I would reread it over and over again because in my mind if it read it once or skimmed it, I felt like I was being disrespectful to the article, like I didn't care, which as you all know is totally dead wrong.  But I kept going day by day. In Feb. 2009, I went to a Career Counselor because I needed a job at the time. He's a good friend of mine and he knew my father and my mother, ironically, remembered him. Well, as time went on trying to get a job, my OCD/Hallucinations/Voices got worse. In fact, in late July 2009, I had a bad thought every day for a week and it bothered me. So, on August 8,2009, I called my Career Counselor, hysterical in tears, because I couldn't take it anymore. The thing is as he assured me, I remember one thing he said. He said that he didn't know what it was. It could be anything. Was it my blood, was it the food I was eating? Then he said something to me that still resonates to this day. He said you could be hospitalized  or go to a half way house or something like that.

The good news out of all this is that I went and still go to therapy. The fact is I haven't seen my Career Counselor or my Psychiatrist in a while for obvious reasons. I do take medication that helps me try to focus although it's hard sometimes just doing simple things like reading an article. Anybody who knows about OCD, Voices or Hallucinations or if you look it up, I've probably had it. It's been very hard for me the past decade and now with My Grandparents and now My Mother gone, it's hard. Big Y knows about my disability but this job is part time. That's why I'm trying everything I can to get disability, SAGA, SNAP and anything else.

I know I probably should've mentioned this  earlier but I couldn't. My Career Counselor and talked about that and he mentioned that maybe you guys would get scared or couldn't help me because your not doctors. Or maybe you'd keep your distance from me because it's not easy to admit or talk about. I don't want this to define me. Let me be the guy that knows about sports. Let me be the guy that knows all The Super Bowls and gives you The Super Bowl Fun Fact of The Day. Most days it's hard for me to read articles just because I read them over and over again. Sometimes, I have to shut the television off to concentrate. I do things over and over again. Like on my digital cable guide, they have the show and the synopsis of it. I read that over and over again just because if it's a serious topic I don't want to think I'm being disrespectful by skimming or glancing at it.

I'm glad I did this. It was very cathartic for me. And it helps me. I just hope you guys look at me as you used to. I don't want to be defined as "Jack, who has OCD, Hallucinations etc" but as  Jack, the guy who knows about Sports and The Super Bowls."There is nothing you can do except support me and be my friend.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

To think, my life, believe it or not has gotten worse. You guys know about what's been happening with me the last two months. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. About 3 1/2 years ago, I wrote in the blog about "Will Life Ever Break for Me?" which I posted below. And somehow it's gotten worse since then.


Will my life ever break for me??

This is a question I ask constantly. I'm in a terrible rut and have been for seemingly ages. I mean I just cant find a way to be happy or feel good about myself. I mean its been a tough life, a tough go of it for years now. As you may or may not know, my grandparents started to take ill in the year 2000. My grandmother, who was 80 at the time had stomach cancer surgery. I think the surgery was only to be for a couple of hours but literally took all day. In 2001, in fact it was the first week college football was being played after 9/11, my grandfather collasped at the Yale/Cornell game. So, in essence,  my plate was full helping taking care of them. Taking care of my grandmother who made out of surgery and my grandfather who had quadrouple bypass surgery is a lot to take but I kept going.

In 2003, my grandmother had a case of Yellow Jaudice. In fact she was rushed to the hospital the day we toppled Saddam's statue in Iraq.  My grandfather died in 2006 and my grandmother died in 2010. Throughout those 10 years,  my life wasnt my own. You know I tried to do everything for them. I got there mail, there medication, helped them when they had doctor's appointments, threw there garbage out, went grocery shopping with them and lots more. I did what I had to do.
Now we fast forward to my grandmother's funeral in 2010, where I see my father. Up until that day, I hadnt seen my father in over 10 years. I dont know what happened but it was like he vanished off the face of the earth. There are reasons how it started but I wont get into that right now. Well, anyway, he shows up. Here I'm thinking that I'm going to have some sort of relationship with the guy and after about a year(?) of having communication with my mother and myself, he just disowns me again. I mean, in some circles, I guess you would call him a "deadbeat dad."  I dont know what I did to deserve being treated like that but it is what it is. I've phoned many times but get no response. Sent cards and whatnot but still nothing. Its like he wants nothing to do with me and frankly from a financial standpoint, I need his help, so right now, pardon my french, but it really sucks.  So basically, its really my mother and me.
Now for some of you who know, my mother has to have hip surgery. She had to postpone it because she had to go back to work and doesnt get paid for sick time. Right now, like I mentioned, I have no job or money. I'm just very disgusted with the way my life turned out.  I didnt think it would be this bad. I'd like to know if there will ever be an end in sight? I mean its just one thing after another. You know the old saying "when it rains, it pours," yeah, by this time, I'm pretty much drowning. I dont have a social life, per say, as I understand people have lives and responsiblites of there own. Believe me, I understand that. You have no idea how much I understand that.   There are days where its harder than others. I mean all you do is work to pay bills. Thats not a life, thats existing.  I just hope my life gets better sooner than later.

Fast forward to now. You guys know about my mom. But, tomorrow, it might be worse. As, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It's just another day for me.  Do you know that I've never had a Valentine's Day date. I've never had a New Year's Eve date. I've never had a date, period. Never had a first kiss. I don't think I'm a great catch or anything. I've never had a social life. I was always taking care of my family and I think lots of times I just didn't feel like going anywhere. Do you blame me? Your in a rut, for a month, 2 months, 6 months, a year etc. how can you be motivated to do anything?  Now, I haven't really thought about Valentine's Day for obvious reasons as I'm worrying about how to pay the bills.  I get along with Women. But when it comes to dating or going out, they could do a lot better.  Something I have to do once I get settled is find me a woman or women. :) 
It's just when you add up everything from my grandparents, to my mom to now being lonely, it's just very tough and very frustrating. I know I never thought of myself as an adonis or anything but I never thought of myself as ugly but sometimes I feel that way. Facebook has the "On this Day" notifications and almost everyone from today, Feb. 13, said the same thing. Me being alone.  I think what really hurts sometimes is that I don't think a Woman has ever been interested in me.  As a friend? Yes. But as anything else? No. I mean being dateless for Valentine's Day hasn't really bothered me this year. How can it? What I've been thinking about has taken up all my  time. But, if you ask me if it bothers me, I will say yes. And, I appreciate it all the support I've received the past couple of months. And I appreciate the invites to hang out. And once all this over, we will hang out.  I just don't want to be a third wheel or a fifth wheel.  There also comes a time where its great to have friends but it would be nice to at least try to have a girlfriend. 
I guess the point of this  blog was to just say that I've been through a lot of stuff. Realizing now, that not only helping my grandparents and my mom then them passing away  and now this.  So, I ask the original question now just like I did in 2014. "Will Life Ever Break for Me?"

Friday, February 9, 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Name Of This Blog Says It All!!!

I want to say that I'm very frustrated, nervous, sad, angry and overwhelmed. I really don't need this. As you know my mother died. I'm just trying to get by day by day. I mean I'm in that house that my grandmother and my mom were in and now there gone. I'm trying and trying doing the best I can. I spent The Holidays alone. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and my personal Holiday, The Super Bowl, by myself. You know why I was alone as I was waiting for my father to call and then I called him but it was hit or miss. Well, anyway, I guess the point of this blog is to just vent.

I will watch my swearing but I am mad. I have to say the treatment I have received from "Services" to help me is a disgrace. Let's look at some examples. My mom wasn't dead 24 hrs. before The Pension was cut off. Actually, I did get her Pension for the following month but it was half than what she usually got. Now, like I have mentioned before, I was unemployed. I was taking care of my mom. Cooking meals, paying bills, going grocery shopping, helping her get up off the couch etc. All the things that the wonderful nurses do in Hospice, in The Hospital and in Rehab, I did that by myself for 6 years!!! Not, 6 days!!! Not 6 weeks!!! 6 years!!! Plus, the fact that, and I kid you not, from mid 1998 to she went until The Hospital on July 21 of last year, my mom and I were in the same roof EVERY NIGHT. In other words, whether it was on vacation, at my grandparents house, my grandparents townhouse or my home, every night under the same roof. She didn't go on vacation without me and vice versa, I didn't move into a dorm etc. Well, anyway, my mom was creamated. Why?  Because it cost an arm and a leg. THAT is a disgrace. Cementaries  are fleecing family members. Why? It's not bad enough to lose a family member? It's not bad enough having a Funeral, Wake and Calling Hours? That's not bad enough?
Then, what last week being called by Citizens Bank looking for My Mom and when I told her she died, they deactivate her Debit and ATM Cards. Forget, that she died. Forget, I need that money, you know to pay the bills.  I mean when I say that I'm her son and everything is in her name, you would think that I was a stranger.  It's a FREAKING disgrace!!! I keep hearing she should've put me on the account. When was I supposed to ask her? When she had tubes in her? When she could only eat through an IV? When she was so out of it after medication? When she had chemo? When she had Physical Therapy? You would think that some people thought we are on a vacation. 
Then, The Probate Court. You know I've been told so many Freaking things, maybe I should've done this earlier. But then I have to sign forms and whatnot and then hire a Lawyer with money I don't have. Now, with the exception of The EBT Card, every DAMN thing I have tried for has been a problem. Trying to get SAGA(Cash Assistance), Social Security, Social Security Income, etc. I mean trying to call 211, Social Services is a DISGRACE!! First, I didn't get all my paper work in on time. Why? Because I had questions and not one damn person could help you. And I'm not going to wait on hold for an hour. So, then, I scrimp and save to make copies of all the bills and send all the information and I was denied because I didn't get it in on time. So, then I call The Mortgage People and they don't tell me anything because I'm not on the account. I was, but not now. The Oil people were a little different. I told them my mom died and then they said you can't get anymore oil. So, I guess, if I freeze to death, you'll know why. 
Now, I'm trying to get The State ID Card. It cost 30 dollars which I don't have and get this PROOF of My Social Security Card. Well, I don't have a Social Security Card. Now, I have to get a Social Security Card. I mean hell, now I got to go to the local Social Security Office I believe, to fill out a Temporary Card. 

So, now, tomorrow is the big day. The Job Interview. I just hope I get it. But you know, in a way, even if I don't as mad as I'll be, at least they  thought of me. NOTHING is more demoralizing than trying to find a job, applying for a job and then you don't hear from them. I hope like hell my life changes. It's bad enough that I'm alone on Valentine's Day, My Birthday, New Year's Eve etc. But at least I had my mom. Now, I don't even have that. Forget a Driver's License. Who has money for that? 

So basically, in essence, I think everything stinks!! You know when you lose a parent or a friend, life shouldn't get ANY harder than it already is. I mean what happened to compassion? You know the people that have screwed me and not helped me, they are going to lose somebody and then they'll be in my position. Then, you know what? Let them live out in the freaking street. Better them than me, right?  The bottom line is that some of those same people eat Lobster Bisque and Lobster and some people eat Tuna Fish and Top Ramen to stay afloat. Why is that fair? Not only that, but it takes forever to get things done. Who has the time for that? I mean I can't wait months for Social Services, DMV etc. to give me an answer and I need it now!!

Believe it or not, as I wrap this up, I'm going to somewhat quote The Andy Griffith Show. Barney Fife said "Sometimes, when it comes to sheriffin', sometimes you have to go less by the book and more by the heart." I think most people should think that way. 
Now, Thank You for reading my blog. I just really had to vent and get some stuff off my chest. Thank You to my friends on Facebook,, Sitcoms Online, Aging Care, The American Cancer Society  and Daytime Confidential for being there for me during this hard time for me. YOU GUYS make it easier for me. I also appreciate all the kind words and encouragement that you've given me. It really helps me. 
As far as helping me, just keep being there. Just keep encouraging me.If I need any of you,  I'll know where to turn. I am humbled by all the kind words. You know what's funny? How is it that losing my mom WOULDN'T be the worse thing that happened to me?

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Classic Sports Channel

Now, I know I should've updated The Blog but with taking care of my mom and then her in The Hospital and then her passing away, The Blog wasn't a priority. But now it is. I want to toss some ideas out there and get this thing going but first, I want to blog about something that I think is important. I got this idea for this post because 10 years I mentioned it on Facebook and my opinion still holds up today. Plus, I'm trying to see if This Blog can make money by using Google AdSense and right now I need all the money I can get. That's another story. But here is The Post from Jan. 2008.

Their should be a network for classic games. I know you have NBAtv, Nhl Network, NFL Network and cough, ESPN Classic among others. My point is their should be a network that shows games in their entireity. I mean when you get a classic game you have plays not shown and edited down. No pregame or postgame or halftime. No intros. on some of the games. If you look at NFL Network-it's a joke. Check their schedule for the next 3 days. It's a joke. Oh yeah, the next 3 days because that's how far their schedule is online. In other words, they have up until Jan. 6. I would like to see the old days-Scott, Summerall, Madden, Gowdy, Scully etc. In one of my posts that I did, somebody responded and said that the NFL has 10,000 games but where are they? What do think? Do you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill? I mean, I'm only 25 yrs. old so I missed some of the legendary announcers. Should I be penalized for that? If I had money and people who agreed with me I would start my own network. Do you think I'm nuts for saying their should be a network for classic games? What do you think?

Now, yes, The NFL has uploaded games on Youtube which is a miracle in itself but there's still a long way to go, imo. Classic Games SHOULD be on a channel. I find it interesting watching these old games. I'd rather watch that then some of today's programs. I think there should be a Classic Games Channel because I think there would be a big audience for it.  People like to remember and talk about the old days. I know I'm not the only one.

If you look at NFLNetwork, NHL Network, NBATV and MLBNetwork. Now, I can't speak for NHLN and NBATV because I don't watch NHL or NBA but this would pretain to NFLN and MLBN. Have you ever seen there lineup during there particular offseasons? To me, it's underwhelming.  A lot of talking heads. MLBN, I watch a lot. But if your in the offseason like they are right now, how many more times can you talk about Hot Stove? How many times can you talk about where Eric Hosmer or Jay Bruce is going to go?
Same for NFLN. They got The NFL Draft which I understand is huge but The Combine? Who cares? Even if you do care, is it necessary to show The Combine live all day and then have it replayed at night? I just think The Draft is more important. NFL Total Access, Good Morning Football etc. is pretty much the same show. Can you watch those two shows all day?
I always felt like with NFLN, ANYTHING pertaining to The NFL is shown but I think it's more about "hey, we need to fill programming" then about whatever they are going to show. Same goes with MLBN. I just think with both networks get a little more variety would help.