Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Classic Sports Channel

Now, I know I should've updated The Blog but with taking care of my mom and then her in The Hospital and then her passing away, The Blog wasn't a priority. But now it is. I want to toss some ideas out there and get this thing going but first, I want to blog about something that I think is important. I got this idea for this post because 10 years I mentioned it on Facebook and my opinion still holds up today. Plus, I'm trying to see if This Blog can make money by using Google AdSense and right now I need all the money I can get. That's another story. But here is The Post from Jan. 2008.

Their should be a network for classic games. I know you have NBAtv, Nhl Network, NFL Network and cough, ESPN Classic among others. My point is their should be a network that shows games in their entireity. I mean when you get a classic game you have plays not shown and edited down. No pregame or postgame or halftime. No intros. on some of the games. If you look at NFL Network-it's a joke. Check their schedule for the next 3 days. It's a joke. Oh yeah, the next 3 days because that's how far their schedule is online. In other words, they have up until Jan. 6. I would like to see the old days-Scott, Summerall, Madden, Gowdy, Scully etc. In one of my posts that I did, somebody responded and said that the NFL has 10,000 games but where are they? What do think? Do you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill? I mean, I'm only 25 yrs. old so I missed some of the legendary announcers. Should I be penalized for that? If I had money and people who agreed with me I would start my own network. Do you think I'm nuts for saying their should be a network for classic games? What do you think?

Now, yes, The NFL has uploaded games on Youtube which is a miracle in itself but there's still a long way to go, imo. Classic Games SHOULD be on a channel. I find it interesting watching these old games. I'd rather watch that then some of today's programs. I think there should be a Classic Games Channel because I think there would be a big audience for it.  People like to remember and talk about the old days. I know I'm not the only one.

If you look at NFLNetwork, NHL Network, NBATV and MLBNetwork. Now, I can't speak for NHLN and NBATV because I don't watch NHL or NBA but this would pretain to NFLN and MLBN. Have you ever seen there lineup during there particular offseasons? To me, it's underwhelming.  A lot of talking heads. MLBN, I watch a lot. But if your in the offseason like they are right now, how many more times can you talk about Hot Stove? How many times can you talk about where Eric Hosmer or Jay Bruce is going to go?
Same for NFLN. They got The NFL Draft which I understand is huge but The Combine? Who cares? Even if you do care, is it necessary to show The Combine live all day and then have it replayed at night? I just think The Draft is more important. NFL Total Access, Good Morning Football etc. is pretty much the same show. Can you watch those two shows all day?
I always felt like with NFLN, ANYTHING pertaining to The NFL is shown but I think it's more about "hey, we need to fill programming" then about whatever they are going to show. Same goes with MLBN. I just think with both networks get a little more variety would help. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some of my favorite Super Bowl Commercials

With the Super Bowl coming up, one thing that the fans and even non fans enjoy are the commercials. I enjoy the commercials and for a 30 second spot costs 5 million dollars. So, in no particular order, some of my favorite Super Bowl Commercials:

A classic ad. It's nice that these two "rivals" can have a friendly feud. Also, I do think some people drink both Pepsi and Coke. Nice, light hearted ad.

The following year the same Coke guy tries a Pepsi and gets caught. Great ad and the music that's playing just fits. 20 years later and its great.

LOVE  THE BUD BOWL!!! Just very innovative. I wish the Bud Bowl was still around today. I think it's better than a lot of the ads that you see today. I just thought there were a lot of creative spots. Also all the colorful nicknames that were part of the game.

The one that really started it all. This ad really started how we view Super Bowl ads. That reason is because when this ad aired during Super Bowl 18, I think the results of the ad is why the Super Bowl ads have become so popular. It aired only once, but its lasting impression has lasted a lifetime.

These are only a few of my favorites. What are some of yours?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

MTV's The Real World, Really??

Forgive me. I came into this late in the game. Back in 1992, MTV's The Real World broke ground. It was television's first reality show. Now, granted, if anybody know some of the back story and the history, the show got off to a sluggish start. I mean who wants to watch a show that have people just talking?? Well, thanks to the grossness of Season 2 San Francisco member, Puck and the courage of Pedro battling HIV,  it seemed like The Real World turned a corner. Now, over the years, despite the sexual content and the hookups, The Real World did give you a first look at all different issues that people were dealing with. Being in the Military, being Gay, Politics, Religion, AIDS, Racism etc.

But now I think the Real World has jumped the shark or maybe it already did. Now, based on this article from  it seems like they are adding a different twist. It seems like they are combining The Real World with Road Rules as far as doing different stunts. If they cant complete each stunt, they are eliminated and somebody else takes there place. Frankly, I dont think this is needed. You already have The Challenge why change The Real World.

Now I must say for years, I railed on The Real World and hated it. I always felt like what was shown on TV wasnt real as opposed to somebody's real life. I just felt like the hookups and living in a nice area and drinking and partying and  having all the pretty people wasnt neccesarily "The Real World." Staying home, paying the mortgage, paying the bills etc. is what I thought of. Nevertheless, being bored one night, I watched The Real World, San Diego, want to say it was in 2004.  Then I watched it again, and again and again. And you know it wasnt a bad show.

Over the past few years, I havent watched. The Explosions and The Skeletons seasons was uncessary. I mean why tweak something that has worked for years? Ok, will The Real World be water cooler talk like it was 20 years ago? Probably not. But what show is? Look at American Idol. They are limping home. Look at Survivor. Still a hit but not the mega hit it was 15 years ago. I dont think a show like The Real World needs tinkering. I think its find the way it is. And besides, why tinker a show called "THE REAL WORLD?"" I mean if thats the case, wouldnt we all want to tinker our real world's??

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whats a bargain??

Now, I had started this "Whats a bargain?" back in July 2013. I would tell you what I thought were good deals at different stores for the week. Well, when the computer shut down later in the month, there was no way I could do this. I needed more time to do this and I couldnt because I was checking other websites and whatnot because I only had x amount of time because I was at the library. Now with the tablet, I'm able to have more time for different things like this.

Make sure you check your ads, because this is just one man's opinion.

Rite Aid

Purex, 43.5 to 50 oz.- $1.97
Haribo Candies-Buy 1, get 1 free
Baking Soda-.99
 Comet Cleanser-.99
 Gain, 9 oz.- .99

Also, I believe they still have some  Christmas stuff out. I think its between 50-75% off.


Arm and Hammer Detergent-Buy 1, Get 1 free.
Chicken of the Sea Tuna with Coupon, - .69
Gummy Candy- .99
Paper Plates, 64pk., Napkins, 80pk.-.99 with Coupon
Nice Facial Tissues-76 to 240  sheets- .99
Mitchum Deodorant-1.99(1.00 off coupon in Sunday's paper)
Progresso Soup-2 for 2.00(.50 off coupon in Sunday's paper)
Dawn Dish Liquid, 9 oz., .74(.25 off coupon in Sunday's paper)
Toilet Paper or Paper Towels-10 for 5.00 or .69 each


Bumble Bee Tuna Fish-.88
Pepsi-.99 (.24 instant coupon)
Special K.-3 for 8.00(3.00 extra bucks when you buy 3)
Chex Mix and/or Pringles- 2 for 3.00
Scott Bath Tissue-3 for 3.00(1.00 instant coupon)
Total Home Facial Tissue-70 to 160 count.-.99
Dawn-9 oz.- .99

Super Bowl 50

I hope for this blog I will be able to update it more. I mean I now have my tablet but its hard to talk about different things because I dont know what I want to talk about.

I  did figure that with Super Bowl 50 on the horizon I would talk about that. As some of you, well all of you know me from High School, you know that was a wiz, some say, Guru, when it came to football, specifically The Super Bowl. As you know, I can name them all. Dates, times, MVPs, locations, QB's etc.

I cant describe the feeling I have about The Super Bowl. Maybe because its only one game as opposed to the other sports, like the NBA, NHL and MLB. Now, I know College has its National Championship games for basketball and football but for me, I just always gravitated towards The Super Bowl. I guess it would have to do with the pomp and circumstance that leads up to the game. All the hype and not only that but now its bigger than a game. I mean you have A list celebrities performing at Halftime. You have the commericals which have become just as big as the game itself. Plus, there's radio row where hundreds of sports shows are for the week.

The brain child of Pete Rozelle and Lamar Hunt worked.  It really did. As humble as the first game was,  the game wasnt even a sell out, hard to believe. Would the Super Bowl work? Well, ironically, 47 years ago today, it did as the Jets beat the Colts 16-7 and turned the Super Bowl on its ear. Hopefully, I will be able to count down some of my favorite moments, commercials and whatnot from the big game.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Television Schedule

For years now, I've made mock schedules for television. I still think and hope that one day this dream will turn into a reality. TV schedules that make sense and are for the people. I think their are so many cord cutters and people just fed up with their tv programming. This is where I come in. I will do a series of mock tv schedules and tell me what you think.

First off, Vintage TV. Obviously you know what that means.

Monday thru Fri.

5:00 am-Kojak
6:00am-Who's the Boss (x2)
7:00am-Mary Tyler Moore (x2)
10:00am-The Wonder Years-x2
11:00am-Punky Brewster
12:00pm-Step by Step
1:00pm-Charles In Charge
2pm-The Hogan Family
3pm-Silver Spoons
5pm-Diff'rent Strokes
6pm-Beauty and the Beast (cbs version)
7pm-Jake and the Fatman
10pm-My 3 Sons (the entire series)
11pm-Archie Bunker's Place
12am-The Lucy Show
1am-The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
2am to 5am-Repeat of 2pm to 5pm


5am-Eight is Enough
7am-Saved by the Bell:The New Class
9am-California Dreams
10am-City Guys
11am-Bachelor Father
12pm-The Millionaire
1pm-Family Affair
2pm-One Hit/One season Wonders
8pm-The Wonder Years
10pm-The Hogan Family
11pm-Father Dowling Mysteries
1am-Life Goes On
3am-Step by Step


5am-Eight is Enough
7am-City Guys
8am-California Dreams
9am-Saved by the Bell:The New Class
10am-One hit/one season wonder
2pm-The Wonder Years
4pm-Mary Tyler Moore
7pm to 11pm-Gem TV featuring
Bachelor Father, The Millionaire, My 3 Sons, The Lucy Show
11pm-Archie Bunker's Place
12am-Life Goes On
2am-Father Dowling Mysteries
4am-Family Affair

So what do you guys think?

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Decline in Print Newspapers

Let me just say I like newspapers. Maybe its because I grew up at a time where the newspaper was gospel. Now, you hear that the newspaper is dying and I dont think its right. How is it that we have selfie sticks and apps for every little thing yet, the newspaper is dying along with people's jobs? I always thought the newspaper was very insightful and I dont know if the newspapers threw  in the towel because I've seen a decline just in quality alone. Look at the New Haven Register. Besides the inserts and coupons why should you get the paper? For me, I like the sports section of any paper. The Register has a good sports section as well. The person "Associated Press" does a great job. Notice the sarcasm. I mean now its to the point that we cut and paste articles now? When was the last time you saw a great piece by a Register Sports Writer that did not talk about high school sports, Yale or Uconn? Yeah, I cant think of it either.

I'm not trying to pick on the Register per say. Its just I would love to have people get out physically read a newspaper. I guess I've always found myself "very adult" if you read a newspaper. I dont know why but I just do. Look at the USA Today. I loved that paper growing up. Colorized, big print, full of information. Now, like Parade, its very thin. I think we get a little bit to dependent on computers and whatnot. I get that there a great tool in all but now its to the point where everything is computerized. Doesnt anybody want to read a newspaper anymore? Or actually, physically go to a library and take a book out?

The sad part is with a little imagination and a lot of good writers, the newspaper problem could be solved. Give people variety and insight and not so much slander. Plus, it would give people jobs. How many people in this country would want to blog/write for a newspaper? Millions of them. They should be given an opportunity. If they fail, they fail. Its a part of life. But they should be given a chance. I still believe there are great writers out there but its a shame that their talent would not be put to good use.

Lets face it, not everybody is computer savvy. I'm talking whether they are people 5 or 50 years old, some people cant grasp technology. Why make it any harder? You think a Senior Citizen knows what an app  is? Or how to download ebooks or whatever? Some do but a lot of them don't. And why  should they  have too? Give people options.

I guess in closing, I'm old school. I dont mind reading a magazine or a newspaper. Doesnt take a lot of effort. Its too bad that the newspaper as far as size and distribution is getting smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner. Their's a lot of great work that will never be published which is a shame to the publisher and most importantly, the reader.